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Zack ZwiebelIn hmolscience, Zack N. Zwiebel (c.1990-) is an American philosopher noted for []

In circa 2012, Zwiebel began outlining a semi new age / semi scientific “social field biophoton energetics” model of social interactions, a sort of Eric Berne “games people play” (1964) model, so to say, with photon, energy, and entropy stylized additions; the following is a social interaction diagram, seemingly depicting some type of photon bond or photon exchange force model:
Zwiebel social interaction diagram
The following is a conceptual image of his “social field biophoton energetics” model:

social field biophoton energetics

In 2015, Zwiebel, in his “Love & Dating How did This Take so Long to Notice?”, blogged about how he began to newly see relationships in a photon interaction style of viewing things. [2]
Zwiebel bio-energy play diagram (2016)
A 2016 Tweeted diagram of Zwiebel's conception bio-energy play diagram per unit time. (Ѻ)

Zwiebel was a Buddhism philosopher, prior to turning to his light-energy play interaction model of spiritual enlightenment.

The following are noted quotes:

“Absences of play between people may lead to the inability to develop social bonds.”
— Zack Zwiebel (c.2014), Natural Social: the Science of Biophotons and Play

“We are fish that play in a sea of light.”
— Zack Zwiebel (c.2015), tagline (Ѻ) of Light Play Evolution WordPress blog.

1. Zwiebel, Zack N. (c.2014). Natural Social: the Science of Biophotons and Play (social bonds, pg. 15) (pdf).
2. Zwiebel, Zack N. (2015). “Love & Dating How did This Take so Long to Notice?” (Ѻ), Light Play Evolution, WordPress, Nov 11.

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