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Zoran Rant nsIn thermodynamics, Zoran Rant (1904-1972) was a Slovene mechanical engineer noted for his 1956 introduction of the term “exergy” as a new name for "technical available energy", which he followed up by "anergy" (1964) as a derivative term. [1] During the years 1954 to 1972, Rant published 42 papers in thermodynamics, including a 1963 Thermodynamics book, with an English translation.

In 1926, Rant graduated from the Technical High School in Vienna, thereafter working as an engineer in the Solvay soda (barrels) factory in Lukavac, up until 1946. In his theoretical work in the factory, he thought about delazmožnosti (dissipation?) heat and internal energy, and in this practical work found a theme for its subsequent doctoral dissertation, entitled "Energy evaluation of the case manufacture barrels" (1950), which is based on the delazmožnosti heat, that he later called eksergije (exergy) heat. [2]

After WWII, Rant became a professor at the University of Ljubljana, where he stayed until 1962. In his last decade, Rant worked as a professor of process engineering at the Braunschweig University of Technology.

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