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A depiction of the α molecule or queen bee” Regina George (Rachel McAdams), in pink, a scene from the 2004 film Mean Girls, flanked by two β molecules, Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried), left, Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert), right, and an newly introduced (transfer student) α competing molecule Cady Heron (Linday Lohan), a new chemical species introduction that acts to change the chemical potential of the system. [4]
In human chemistry, an alpha molecule, or α molecule, is the molecule at the center of a grouping of molecules, which have combined into a complex, such that for the surrounding molecules, the attraction is directed toward the alpha, creating a combinations of forces that act to maintain the structure of the complex. [1] The concept of a central pressure regulating molecule was introduced in 1910 by Dutch physical chemist Johannes van der Waals, who stated: [2]

“If we let the number of molecules that have combined into a complex be so large that it is possible to speak of a molecule at the center surrounded by a single layer containing almost as many other molecules as it is possible simultaneously, then for the surrounding molecules the attractionis directed towards the interior and acts to maintain the complex; and this part of its attraction is lost for the surface pressure.”

In the decades prior to this, in 1873, van der Waals published a revolutionary paper in which he proposed the view that in a body of gas there exist variations in intermolecular attractions, repulsions, and interactions, which he quantified by what he called "degree of association", which result to create density, pressure, and temperature variations.

Van der Waals overall idea was that when atoms combine, such as the the dioxide molecule, or molecules combine, such as the dihumanide molecule, that “new chemical forces” arise, which he labeled as either true association, for combined molecular associations, as contrasted with pseudo association, for interactions of non-combined molecules.

The alpha molecule phenomenon has been studied and diagrammed for lek mating arenas, rat societies, and human cafeteria distributions.

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