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A distribution of heights of a company of American civil war solders, showing an average height of about 5'10".
In mate selection, averageness refers to the trend that average traits tend to be sexually selected for or more physically attractive on average, being that in theory they are indicative of long term stability in evolution. [1]

Statistically, the average or blend of a given population for a given trait or look tends to be found the most visually appealing or attractive; the following, e.g., shows morphs of a selection of 30 HotOrNot.com photos, morphed into 1-10 scale physical attractiveness ranking tiers, along with a morph of the average of all 30 photos, which shows that the "average" morphology tends to be as attractive as the individually selected most attractive person (or morph photo):

averageness (hot or not)
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Human chemistry
In human chemistry, averageness is theorized to be one of the measurable components of the enthalpy factors of the human chemical bond. [2]

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