Black rite

Black rite (diagram)
A depiction of the act of the "black rite", showing the momentarily resurrected god Osiris, with lightning powers around him, above which the goddess Isis however, awaiting his resurrected sperm, to the right of which the god Thoth stops time during the act. [4]
In religio-mythology, black rite refers to the magic, involving “lightning strikes” (Coffin Text Spell 148) and “time stoppage” (by the powers of the god Thoth), by which the mummified Osiris was raised from the dead, momentarily, to get an erection, and to therein impregnate the goddess Isis, then in the form of a kite or falcon, and therein to make the god Horus, via a so-called Egyptian resurrection sex “virgin birth” act of sorts. [1]

In c.2000BC, Coffin Text spell 148 described the "lightning strike" aspects of the black rite. [2]

In 450BC, Greek historian Herodotus, supposedly, claimed to know aspects of the details of the black rite. [3]

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