Branches of human thermodynamics

In thermodynamics, branches of human thermodynamics refers to any of the various “categorical” subfields of thermodynamics applied to the study of human existence, in one particular area, such as economics (economic thermodynamics), sociology (sociological thermodynamics), history (history thermodynamics), literature (literature thermodynamics), psychology (psychological thermodynamics), etc.

The number of distinct divisional "branches" of human thermodynamics, not including subset branches (of which there are at least 22+ variations), as of 2011, stands at 36+. These are listed below (as well as in the adjacent drop down menu) along with date of subject inception and central topic initiator.


Government thermodynamicsGovernment icon1748Charles Montesquieu The study of theories of government in thermodynamics terms, such as the postulate that governmental laws need to be a function of the temperature of the land.
Relationship thermodynamics
Relationship physics
● Love thermodynamics
Love icon1799Johann Goethe The use of thermodynamics to explain the passions and workings of individual relationships.
Cessation thermodynamicsRIP icon1843Ludwig Colding The study of what thermodynamics has to say about death.
Religious thermodynamicsReligion icon 20x271847James Joule The study or use of thermodynamics to either explain or disprove religious theory.
Economic thermodynamics
Lausanne school (of economics)
Economics icon1853Hermann Gossen The study of the use of thermodynamics to model economies as thermodynamic systems.
Philosophical thermodynamicsphilosophy 39x201856Gustave Hirn The study of the philosophical implications of thermodynamics.
Sociological thermodynamics
Mechanistic school (of sociology)
Social thermodynamics
sociology icon 29x201858Henry Carey The use of thermodynamics in social theory.
Ethics thermodynamicsScales icon 26x201869Francois Massieu The study of the use of thermodynamics in theories of ethics and the difference between right and wrong.
History thermodynamicsHistory icon 19x201873Henry Adams The use of thermodynamics applied to the study of human history.
Happiness thermodynamicsHappiness icon1874August Kronig The subject of how thermodynamics applied to the understanding of human states of happiness.
Literature thermodynamicsBook icon1893Camille Flammarion The use or study of the use of thermodynamics logic in fiction.
Education human thermodynamicsUniversity icon1894Léon Winiarski The subject and art of teaching human thermodynamics in general or one of its branches in school.
Psychological thermodynamics
Helmholtz school (of psychology)
Energy psychology
Dynamic psychology
Psychology icon1895Sigmund Freud The study of the thermodynamics of the mind or mental states.
Fringe thermodynamicsnew age1896Frederic Myers Thermodynamics applied to fringe subjects, such as telekinesis, ghost hunting, or sixth sense theories, etc.
Aesthetic thermodynamics Beauty icon 15x211898Léon Winiarski The study of how thermodynamics quantifies beauty.
Legal thermodynamicslegal icon 25x201899Maurice Hauriou The study of the bearing of the laws of thermodynamics to the rules and laws of the land, country, or state.
Anthropic physics
Energetics school

1912Wilhelm OstwaldThe science of the physical chemistry of humans.
Business thermodynamicsbusiness icon1914William Fairburn The study of the application of thermodynamics in business consulting or business theory.
Sexual thermodynamicssex icon1919Sigmund Freud The study of thermodynamics applied to the understanding of topics surrounding sex, such as sex drive, sexuality, libido, sexual heat, sexual tension, etc.
War thermodynamicsBazooka joe icon1919Yevgeny Zamyatin The study of thermodynamics applied to the art of war.
Financial thermodynamicsfinance-icon 26x201926Frederick Soddy The study of thermodynamics applied to financial matters, e.g. debts, wealth, interest, budgets, etc.
Information theory thermodynamics
MaxEnt school (1957)
information icon1929Leo Szilard The attempt to explain facets of human existence using various logarithms, on the generally fallacious claim that entropy (heat) and information (binary digits) are the same thing.
Art thermodynamicsart icon1933René Magritte The use of thermodynamics theory depicted in art form.
Anthropological thermodynamicsanthropology icon1943Leslie White The use of thermodynamics in anthropology, such as in the study of the comparison of different cultures.
Laymanized thermodynamics
Folklore thermodynamics (1946)
Contrived thermodynamics
Confused icon1943Erwin Schrodinger The study, discussion, and or presentation of laymanized versions of thermodynamics.
Music thermodynamicsMusic-icon 19x201964Flanders and SwannThe use of thermodynamics theory or logic in song.
Architectural thermodynamicsarchitect icon1970Alan Wilson The study of how thermodynamics applies to the theory and design of buildings and architecture.
Political thermodynamicspolitics icon1971Frederick Rossini The use of thermodynamics logic in political agenda.
Eco-economic thermodynamics
Ecological thermodynamics
Ecological economics
● Biophysical economics
Ecology icon1971 Nicholas Roegen The study of the use of thermodynamics in regard to natural resources in relation to economic theory.
Sustainability thermodynamicsglobe icon1989Karl-Henrik Robert The use of thermodynamics models in development of sustainability theories.
Racial thermodynamics Racism icon1990Richard Delgado The study of the thermodynamic explanations of racism or race and the issues and tensions surrounding this topic.
Integration and segregation thermodynamicsPhase diagram icon1994Jurgen Mimkes The study of the use of phase diagrams and solution thermodynamics logic in the explanation of the integrations and segregations behaviors of mixed cultures or people.
Dietary thermodynamicsapple 16x20c.2000
The study of the use of thermodynamics theory in the development of diets and dietary suggestions.
Human statistical thermodynamicsStatistical mechanics icon2008Libb Thims The study of human existence from the perspective of statistical thermodynamics.
Human chemical thermodynamicsChemical reaction icon2008Libb Thims
The study of human existence from the perspective of chemical thermodynamics.
Human engineering thermodynamics
2010Libb Thims The study of the practical application of human chemical thermodynamics or human statistical thermodynamics for use in the engineering of humans or systems of humans.

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