In humanities, business is the line of work a person is engaged in, i.e. occupation, one generally involving a monetary exchange of goods or services, paid in an hourly or yearly basis; a company or corporation, when two or more people are involved in the formation of the activated complex (see: Gates model) or working product.

The following are related quotes:

“There is no point in starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration.”
— Richard Branson (c.2009), “Article” (Ѻ), Magazine [1]

1. (a) Branson, Richard. (c.2009). “Article” (Ѻ), Magazine.
(b) Note: photo of quote from article, with 2009 image (Ѻ) of him kite surfing with naked girlfriend of South African photographer on his back, is in Thims’ “good pictures” folder

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