Energetic imperative

In hmolscience, energetic imperative refers to Wilhelm Ostwald's energy-themed categorical imperative about how one should utilize their own personal energies, as a form of an ethical principle; the gist of which is "waste energy not", but one that tends to be found in may overly read-into mis-translations.

In circa 1906, Wilhelm Ostwald conceptualized an energy-themed reformulation of German philosopher Immanuel Kant’s 1785 categorical imperative, which he states as follows:

German original

English translations

“Vergeude keine Energie: verwerte sie.”
“Do not waste energy; exploit/recycle it.” (Google translate, 2015)

“Waste not free energy; treasure it and make the best use of it.” (William Bayliss, 1915)

“Waste no (free) energy; use it well.” (John Edsall, 1974) [3]

“Do not waste energy, but convert it into a more useful form.” (Thomas Hapke, 1998) [2]

“Waste no energy; turn it all to account.” (Helge Kragh, 2008) [1]

In the above William Bayliss (1915) and John Edsall (1974) translations we see a mis-translation of "free energy" being read into Ostwald's imperative, which is not correct, being that Ostwald was not a free energy theorist.

In 1912, Ostwald published Die Energetische imperativ, a book of essays. [1]

In 1959, American physicist Robert Lindsay's extened Ostwald's ideas into the form of what he called a thermodynamic imperative.

In 1997, Robert Clark outlined some type of entropy-based global imperative.

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