Equivalence-value of all uncompensated transformations

In thermodynamics, equivalence-value of all uncompensated transformations, symbol N, is defined by the following expression:

equivalence-value of all uncompensated transformations

which is the quantitative measure of the "equivalence-values", or mechanical equivalent of heat changes associated with internal irreversible work process that exist at the end of one cyclical process or what are called "uncompensated transformations". This name "equivalence-value of all uncompensated transformations" was an early extended synonym for what would famously become termed as "entropy" in 1865.

The nature of this variable N was addressed in Rudolf Clausius in his 1854-56 “principle of the equivalence of transformations”.

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1. Clausius, Rudolf. (1865). The Mechanical Theory of Heat: with its Applications to the Steam Engine and to Physical Properties of Bodies (pg. 141). John van Voorst.

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