Finger of god

Evolution of the Finger of God
A general diagram showing the how the closed-fingered hand of the monotheistic sun god Aten, which were conceptualized as sun rays, became the finger of god that penned the Ten Commandments and the "stretched out arm" that brought the Israelites out of Egypt.
In religio-mythology, finger of god refers to the metamorphosis, over about a thousand years, of the model of Aten’s finger into the "finger" of the god of Moses, who famously writes on stone tablets, with his finger, to give modern man the 10 laws of morality (see: Ten Commandments).

The following are related quotes:

“And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of god.”
— Anon (c.200BC), Exodus 31:18

“He brought Israel out from their midst, with a strong hand and stretched out arm.”
— Anon (c.200BC), Psalms 136:11-12

“Modern criticism rightly regards Thucydides as the model of the rational and objective historian who made it his first duty to leave the finger of god out of history and to tidy up the mundane events of the human drama. The contrast between his work with respect to the gods and the histories of his predecessor Herodotus and his successor Xenophon is plain; it is a contrast so great, in fact, as to provoke the observation from some (e.g. K. J. Dover) that Thucydides may well have been an atheist.”
— Borimir Jordan (1986), “Religion in Thucydides”

“Aaron struck the dust: the mosquitoes attacked men and beasts throughout the land. So Moses in his mildness is not even capable of striking the ground—it is Aaron who must do it. Egyptian magic couldn't do this because clearly it was not magic; instead, it was a natural sign from YHWH that he is the creator—as if he were Aten, the singular creator-god of Akhenaten returned again. And yet: ‘This is the finger of god’, say Pharaoh's minions. The plagues are as if YHWH is writing in the landscape with natural signs. It is his ‘finger’ doing the writing, just as it may also aid Moses on Mount Sinai [writing the Ten Commandments] —and, ‘as YHWH had foretold, Pharaoh refused to listen’. We can only imagine that Pharaoh had all the doors and windows sealed and was content to remain indoors until the mosquitoes died.”
— David Rosenberg (2010), An Educated Man: a Dual Biography of Moses and Jesus (pg. 103)

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