Flower stealing model

flower stealing vs flower picking model
A diagram of the "flower stealing" vs "flower picking" morality model, as explained to A.G., an ex-Muslim, ex-Christian mother, so to explain to her questioning 10-year old confused daughter, how modern atheistic morality is explained by Gibbs energy differentials, as invented by Libb Thims (2016), as a method to explain thermodynamic morality to children, in simple understandable terms. [3]
In hmolscience, flower stealing vs flower picking model refers to morality explained, atheistically (see: atheistic morality), to children, via thermodynamics, in terms of the difference between when a child "picks" a flower, from a field, and gives it to her mother, and when a child "steals" a flower, from a flower shop, and gives it to her mother. [N1]

In 1809, Goethe, in his Elective Affinities, outlined his physical chemistry based “moral symbols” model of social reactions, i.e. by the nature of the chemical affinities or chemical forces acting on people, and the bonds they form or break.

In 1877, Ralph Emerson, in his “Perpetual Forces”, among other publications, building on Goethe, outlined his “moral power” model of acting in accordance with the forces that be.

In 1909, Wilhelm Ostwald outlined his new-Kantian stylized "energetic imperative" of atheist moral action according to the laws of energetics, as he saw things.

In 1987, Mirza Beg, in his New Dimensions in Society, was discussing morality, in loose general terms, in the context of the Gibbs energies of social chemical reactions and social mixing; much of the discussion, however, was clogged up with references to Muhammad, Allah, and the Quran. [4]

In 2009, Mark Janes, in his “Morality and Thermodynamics” video, once available on his YouTube channel (Ѻ), a screen shot of which is shown below, was discussing good and evil in terms of Gibbs energy, albeit in very crude theory form:
Mark Janes on good and evil (2010)

In 2011, Libb Thims, in his “Thermodynamic Proof that Good Always Triumphs Over Evil”, building on Goethe and Ostwald, and thematic to Emerson’s logic, outlined a semblance of the modern that right, good, or what is "natural" is quantified by decreasing Gibbs energy differentials, i.e. exergonic acts or processes (dG < 0), per unit of existence (dt), i.e. time (in layspeak):

dG less than 0 (2)

that wrong, evil, or what is "unnatural" is quantified by increasing Gibbs energy differentials, i.e. endergonic acts or processes (dG > 0), per unit of existence (dt):

dG greater than 0 (2)

and that both of these, according to the logic of Fritz Lipmann (1941), are “coupled” together in nature, such that the exergonic drives endergonic. [1]

In Aug 2015, Thims, together with co-host Thor, taught a 3.5-hour “Zerotheism for Kids” class to six kids (aged: 2, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11), a sort of “Sunday School for Atheists”, which was thereafter edited into a 14-part lectures series, and uploaded to YouTube (Sep 2015), during which the kids were taught why certain things, e.g. “stealing”, “arranged marriages”, where right or wrong, depending on system constraints, according to either exergonic or endergonic Gibbs energy differential measurements. [2]

In 2018, Thims was semi-frequently referring back to the “flower stealing vs flower picking model”, e.g. in threads (Ѻ), and in conversations, e.g. when in Oct 2018 and friend named Lovely asked him about spirituality and the soul, during which he explained that these terms were but obsolete defunct metaphors for what is yet to be quantified scientifically, via thermodynamics.

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N1. Note: the "flower stealing model" arose, during discussion between Libb Thims, while drafting his Smart Atheism: for Kids (see: smart atheism), a draft book based on the “Zerotheism for Kids” class, and a mother named A.J. as a way to explain atheistic morality, in a simple manner, to her 10-year-old daughter. A.J., an ex-Muslim, ex-Christian atheist women that was residing with Thims that year, but her daughter was residing with the Muslim aunt of A.J.’s ex-husband, and was being fed theism as a belief system, and who would frequently interrogate her mother, over the phone, with statements such as “prove to me there is no god” and “atheists are immoral”, etc., which was being fed back to Thims; the gist of which came out in verbal explanation, thereafter incorporated into the basis of chapter 14 “Right and Wrong”. [3]

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