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In genius studies, geniuses on, or "genius queries", refers to the subject of the deeper long-standing big questions or queries of: meaning, morality, purpose, life (prelife, origin of life, afterlife, the non-existence of life, e.g. abioism), death (e.g. continuity), religion, god, free will (e.g. choice), soul (spirit or karma), good and or evil (problem of evil, in particular), and or love (or hate), vetted through the minds of ceiling geniuses, namely the leaders of the top 1000 geniuses; the general subject matter of which germane to specific geniuses shown listed below and on the citation rankings page.

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The following shows the query listing by subject matter:

SoulReligionLoveFree willPurposeGood and Evil
Pythagoras on the soul (Ѻ)
Plato on the soul (Ѻ) [1]
Aristotle on the soul
Epicurus on the soul
Lucretius on soul [1]
Pliny on the soul
Da Vinci on the soul (Ѻ)
Descartes on the soul
Spinoza on the soul
Leibniz on the soul
Newton on the soul
Maupertuis on the soul (Ѻ)
Holbach on the soul (Ѻ)
Goethe on the soul
Schopenhauer on the soul
Haeckel on the soul (Ѻ)(Ѻ)
Maxwell on the soul
Edison on the soul
Einstein on the soul
Freud on the soul
Teilhard on the soul
Heisenberg on soul (Ѻ)
Beg on the soul (Ѻ)
Da Vinci on religion
Voltaire on religion
Goethe on religion
Einstein on religion
Feynman on religion
Planck on religion
Thomson on religion
Plato on love
Goethe on love
Einstein on love
Holbach on will (Ѻ)
Goethe on free will
Schopenhauer on free will
Einstein on free will
Einstein on purposeLeibniz on good and evil
Voltaire on good and evil

Pascal on god
Spinoza on god
Newton on god
Goethe on god
Einstein on god
Freud on god
Neumann on god
Dirac on god
Cicero on morality
Goethe on morality
Leibniz on life
Goethe on life
Tesla on life
Holbach on chance

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The following shows the query listing by geniuses:

Goethe on free will
Goethe on god
Goethe on good and evil
Goethe on love
Goethe on purpose
Goethe on religion
Goethe on the soul
Newton on god
Newton on religion
Newton on the soul
Maxwell on god
Maxwell on religion
Maxwell on the soul
Darwin on god
Darwin on religion
Prigogine on god
Freud on religion
Joule on religion
Hawking on god

1. Hecht, Jennifer M. (2003). Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas (Plato, pgs. 14-15; Lucretius, pg. 147). HarperOne.

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