Human thermodynamicist

Human thermodynamicist (2004)
Circa 2004 business card of American chemical engineer Libb Thims.
In science, a human thermodynamicist is a thermodynamicist who studies humans, socially, economically, historically, or philosophically, anthropologically, etc.

A related term is entropologist defined as an anthropologist who entropically studies human beings.

In 2004, American electrochemical engineer Libb Thims was self-defining himself as a "human thermodynamicist", as shown adjacent; and in 2005 was using the term online. [2]

In 2007, Thims, in his Human Chemistry, was also referring to the criterion of a "competent human thermodynamics" as one who builds on Clausius, Gibbs, and Lewis, first and foremost. [1]

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