Living power

In terminology, living power is religio-mythology + science inoperable amalgamation portmanteau neoplasm, similar to living force or living energy, referring to a power that is "alive", but a defunct conception, being that as "life" does not exist (see: life does not exist), neither do its conjunctives; an attempt at a scientific synonym for god, spirit, or continuity of the soul, depending, generally speaking.

In 1736, Joseph Butler, aka "Bishop Butler", in his Analogy of Religion: Natural and Revealed, attempted to outline a “living powers” based natural religion theory; a synopsis of which is as follows: [1]

Living powers (Butler)

This discussion of living powers (a power that is alive), wherein "power" is defined as force (moving an object) times distance (moved) per unit time, or energy (or work) per unit time in short:

P = \frac{E}{t}\,

naturally enough leads to further contentious speculations about incongruous terms such as "living force" or "living energy", and or more subtle terms such as "living work", the embodiment of the latter captured well in the existence defining query "what do yo do for a living"?, all of which are but religio-science neoplasms.

1. Butler, Joseph. (1736). Analogy of Religion: Natural and Revealed (living powers, 8+) . Harper & Brothers, 1857.

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