In chemistry, mercury, symbol Hg, aka “quicksilver”, is an element, atomic number 80, on the periodic table, which, at STP, looks like a liquid silver metal.

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Is it not for want of an attractive virtue between the parts of water () and oil, of quick-silver ()(Hg) and antimony ()(Sb), of lead ()(Pb) and iron ()(Fe), that these substances do not mix; and by a weak attraction, that quick-silver ()(Hg) and copper ()(Cu) mix difficultly; and from a strong one, that quicksilver ()(Hg) and tin ()(Sn), antimony ()(Sb) and iron ()(Fe), water () and salts, mix readily?
Isaac Newton (1718), “Query 31” of Optics

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● Goldwater, Leonard. (1972). Mercury: a History of Quicksilver. Publisher.

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