In astronomy, moon is the planetary satellite that orbits the earth.

Sidereal month
The sidereal month, or the time it takes the moon to return to a similar position among the stars, is 28 days.

Full moon
Statistically, people drink 25% less during a full moon.

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is cut into 14 pieces by his brother Set. Some conjecture that this number is representative of half the sidereal period of the moon; others conjecture that this is the number of stars of the Orion constellation:

“14 pieces”, Osiris, moon [GB: 2,250 results]
“14 pieces”, Osiris, Orion [GB: 1,230 results]

The latter option, although less discussed, seems to the the correct conjecture.

The following are related quotes:

Thales was the first to say that the moon is illuminated by the sun.”
— Aetius (c.125AD), Publication (2.85; Dox. Gr. 358) [1]

1. Empedocles. (435BC). The Poem of Empedocles: a Text and Translation with an Introduction (editor: Brad Inwood) (pg. 175). University of Toronto Press, 1992.

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