New relationship energy

In new age, new relationship energy is a niche term, used in the polyamorous community, referring generally to the energy or heightened energy state of new love or new sexual experiences; or to energy infused into an established pair-bond relationship with addition of an extra-relationship sexual attachment or interaction.

The term seems to have been coined in 1993 by poly activist Zhahai Stewart, who commented, while in a polyamore discussion room, that: [1]

“People seem ever so much more compatible, interesting, and clever while in the throes of new relationship energy.”

The term seems to have gained popularity, to a certain extent, in recent years. [2]

Human chemistry
The term seems to be describing the “heightened energy state”, or transition state, connected to the measure of activation energy, in a human chemical reaction, between two colliding human molecules, preceding stable product formation. [3]

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