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Imagine No Religion (shirt)
A word scramble "no religion" T-shirt, which is visually appealing, but technically inaccurate, at least per terminological correctness.
In terminology, no religion, related to the term “none” [or nones (Ѻ)], albeit more specific, refers to someone or some entity that does not have a specific belief system or belief state; someone who is belief-debonded, so to speak.

Imagine | No legare?
A salient issue exists when people attempt to dream of future utopias wherein “no religion”, supposedly, exists, being that “religion” is but Latin for “binding”, from legare, or a set of beliefs that bind a person or a group with a set of common beliefs. Hence, the supposition “imagine no religion”, such as word-scrambled as shown adjacent, is equivalent to saying: “imagine a social system with no binding”, or “imagine water existing in the liquid state without hydrogen bonds?”, or in some sense “imagine methane CH4 with no covalent bonds”, which are physically impossible. The following, to exemplify, is a circa 2003 scratch note, from Thims’ personal folder entitled “stability/bonding”, possibly done when he was writing on drafts on thermodynamics of religion, with hand-written notes made from a reading of Candice Pert’s 1997 Molecules of Emotion:
Religion = binding f2
Religious Absurdities
Examples of religious absurdities: a Jew in a bag (Ѻ) while flying so to not become impure when he flies over cemeteries, a Jain with bug mouth guard and broom, so to not accidentally eat or step on a reincarnated relative, Muslim wearing a burqa while exercising, so to not break the dress codes of the faith.

Correctly, we say that when an old religion becomes corrupted, such that its core tenets are no longer in alignment with reality, in as much as reality is known, based on discernible evidence, have reached the point of promoting absurdities, such as shown adjacent, etc., then we say that its "legare bonding glue" is corrupted, lacking adhesion, past expiration date, no longer functionable, etc., according to which one might say "imagine a new religion" or evidenced-based legare that binds the new social order, that is in alignment with reality, or something along these lines.

In 2016, Inderjit Singh, in his “Essay on Man” (2016), to elaborate via example, stated the following: [1]

“As humans proliferate, an imperfect system of morality is instituted to control them. This system promises existence after death. It offers an eternal paradise, and threatens eternal damnation. It is based on the mythology of ancient Egypt. This is organized religion. Science stands as the antithesis to religion. The teachers of science attempt to nullify the insidious ideas of the Abrahamic and Brahmaic religions. This is shown in history by the renaissance and the age of enlightenment. With the aid of the philosophers, science will soon overthrow the organized religions of the world.”

No religion (dog tags)
Examples of "no religion" or "alternative religion" or "joke religion" like dog tags, wherein we see people claiming pastafarianism (Ѻ), started by Bobby Henderson, jedi religion (jedism) (Ѻ), started by George Lucas, viking, and pagan, as the label of their creed (see: atheist's creed).
In review of this, Libb Thims, in respect to the truncated comment "soon science with overthrow religion", stated the following: [2]

“A second salient point, is that one can never get rid of “religion” as you suggest, being that religion is but Latin for something that “binds”; hence, if a large society is to exist, it will always have a binding mechanism, a ligare so to say. The format of the ligare will always tail behind science, being that it takes time for new knowledge and experimental findings to translate back into the new legare.”

Hence, just as polytheism replaced spiritism in 3100BC, and just as monotheism replaced polytheism in 300AD, so to now are we seeing a new zero god "-ism", e.g. zerotheism, pastafarianism (Ѻ), jedi religion (jediism) (Ѻ) coming to replace monotheism, presently.

The selection of labels of creeds by atheist-neighborhood like people who enter the military service evidences this, being that the three things are printed on their "dog tags", in case of fatal accident, namely: name, blood type, and religion, some examples of which are shown adjacent. In 2014, the US Army added “humanist” (Ѻ) to the list of 100+ “religion types” a person is allowed to choose from, thus adding to the related terms: agnostic, no religious preference, none, or unknown, previously available.

In 2015, Libb Thims, in his "Zerotheism for Kids" lecture, employed the term "zerotheism" as short, per the Critias hypothesis, for a "smart atheism belief system", which he taught to a group of six kids looking to get a straight modern view of things, as opposed to the god created every thing in six days followed by a Noah's ark flood model of everything, which one of the six-year-old kids was confused about.

The following are related quotes:

“Twenty times, in the course of may late reading, have I been on the point of breaking out: ‘this would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it!’ But in this exclamation, I should have been as fanatical as Bryant or Cleverly [minster and tutor to Adams’ son]. Without religion, this world would be something not fit to be mentioned in polite company, I mean hell, the most abandoned scoundrel that ever exited, never yet wholly extinguished his conscience, and while conscience remans there is some religion. Popes, Jesuits, and Sorbonists and inquisitors have some religion.”
John Adams (1817), “Letter to Thomas Jefferson”, May 19 [3]

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● Hedges, Chris. (2009). When Atheism Becomes a Religion: America’s New Fundamentalists. Publisher.

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