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Science of Man (Dolloff, 1975) 2
The view of Shannon-Wiener entropy according to Norman Dolloff (1975), who sees information entropy as an "open sesame" to the sciences of man, thereby connecting information measures of things such as DNA to thermodynamics. [1]
In hmolscience, open sesame refers to the use of Shannon entropy as the magic word or formula into explaining all things related to the thermodynamics of humans; an ontic opening of sorts.

In 1975, Norman Dolloff, in his Heat Death and the Phoenix, classified Claude Shannon’s 1948 logarithmic formula (see: Shannon entropy; information entropy) model of information, itself based on Hartley information (1927) (ΡΊ), as an apparent “open sesame” to the sciences of man, thereby opening doorway into the dark cave of connecting information themed things, such as DNA, mind, knowledge, etc., to thermodynamics. [1]

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1. Dolloff, Norman H. (1975). Heat Death and the Phoenix: Entropy, Order, and the Future of Man (pg. xvi). Exposition Press.

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