Overrated geniuses

In genius studies, overrated geniuses, as compared to “underrated geniuses”, e.g. Robert Hooke (IQ:195|#20) [RGM:N/A|1,400+], refers to genius who tend to be "sold as" being more of a genius than they actually are, in the context of the top 1000 geniuses view of things.

The following is a work-in-progress ranking of the top 10 most overrated geniuses:

IQ estimatesReason / Source


1.Sidis 75William Sidis
 IQ_P \,=250-300
 IQ_O \,=200
 IQ_? \,=180-195
(IQ:175|#300) [RGM:702|1,400+] He's akin to an urban legend in genius discussions, oft-named dropped as either "highest IQ ever" or smartest person ever, yet if one looks at his actual accomplishments, namely his The Animate and The Inanimate, while impressive for a 25-year old, it lacks in genius light luster, and is error-filled in respect to big picture questions, and basis of logic (e.g. it's based on William Thomson's theistic ideas of animation); a “The Top 10 Most Overrated Geniuses” (2014). [2]
2.Tesla 75Nikola Tesla
 IQ_O \,=230-310
 IQ_O \,=200
 IQ_O \,=140-160
A comparison of his top 1000 position (IQ:195|#19) and popular cultural rankings [RGM:7|1,400+] is indicative of his over-fame, for some peculiar reason; in modern electrical engineering schools, Gauss and Maxwell, of note, far out rank Tesla in density of intellect, in respect to name dominance.




7.Franklin 75Benjamin Franklin
 IQ_{CB} \,=173
 IQ_C \,=160
 IQ_B \,=185
 IQ_W \,=160
A comparison of his top 1000 rankings (IQ:180|#202) as compared to (Cattell 1000:45) [RGM:21|1,400+] (Murray 4000:14|T) is indicative of fact that he is more of a “pop genius”, often sold to children, as a great genius; a “The Top 10 Most Overrated Geniuses” (2016). [1]


10.Srinivasa Ramanujan 75Srinivasa Ramanujan
 IQ_O \,=185
 IQ_O \,=180+
 IQ_O \,=130-140
(GME:30) Indian mathematician; influential (Ѻ) to Abdus Salam (IQ:#|#); IQ guesstimates: 185 (Ratner, 2016) (Ѻ) , 180+ (Gamarra, 2018) (Ѻ), 130-140 (Williams, 2016), and or “overrated as a mathematician” (Ѻ).

Other names that crop up include: Pythagoras, Plato, Stephen Hawking (because he prevailed against Lou Gehrig's disease), Marie Curie (because she is female), Bill Gates (because Microsoft is so dominate presently), to name a few. [1][2]

The following are related quotes:

Newton was a genius, but he is another overrated genius like Einstein. A lot of what culminated in Newtonian physics is the work of Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler. Copernicus shattered the geocentric view of the world; Galileo postulated the laws of motion; and Kepler calculated the elliptical motions of the planets. Newton put the tremendous discoveries of those men together.”
Monydit Malieth (2013), The Future Affects the Past [3]

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