Primordial soup

Primordial soup (cartoon)Primordial soup (can)
Left: A 2012 cartoon of Charles Darwin eating a bowl of primordial soup and asking the waiter if there is any archaea in his soup? (Ѻ) Right: a 2012 can of primordial soup labeled with the subtitle “lightning bolts not included”. (Ѻ)
In science, primordial soup or "primordial ocean" is amalgamation reference term tending to capture the gist ideas of Charles Darwin’s 1871 warm pond model and the lightning origin of life theory, and, in some depictions, the older meteoroid origin of life theory.

The term "primordial soup" was, supposedly, introduced in 1924 by Russian evolution theorist Alexander Oparin.

In 1932, English biochemist (chnopschemist) John Haldane, in his The Causes of Evolution, Haldane postulated that, some two billion years ago, something of microscopic size separated from the ‘hot thin soup’.

The following, stemming from American mRNA researcher James Brown’s homepage (2011), a Campbell’s Soup parody of the primordial soup model, with humorous instructions for cooking or rather heating: (Ѻ)

Primordial soup (Campbell's)

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