Psychology (seven models)
A depiction of the seven dominate models of psychology: biological psychology (life theory based), evolutionary psychology (Darwin-based), cognitive psychology (Cartesian-based), humanistic psychology, psychodynamics (Freudian-based), behavioral psychology (Skinner-based), and sociocultural psychology. (Ѻ)
In science, psychology is systematic study of human and animal behavior, with particular focus on internal processes and motives. [1]

The thermodynamic study of psychology is called “psychodynamics”, a field generally developed, beginning in the late 1870s, by Austrian psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. [2]

The following are related quotes:

“The unconscious must be explained physically and chemically and not psychologically, else we allow ‘mystical agents’, arbitrary constructions that can never be verified, to enter science.”
— Lev Vygotsky, Historical meaning of the crisis in Psychology (1927)

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