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In genius studies, real IQ, symbol IQ Re, as compared to theoretical IQ, is an IQ (see: IQ key), that matches up with reality, differentiating from terms such as: feigned IQ, inflated IQ, paper IQ, etc., as best data available to sensor input furnishes. [N1]

The abbreviation IQ colloquially tends to be a short-hand quick reference for "level of genius" of a person; the higher the number, above 140, the greater the level of genius. When, however, cited IQ numbers get past 180 or 190, more often than not, nonsense tends to result. When, e.g., Agustin de Mello, and over-zealous child prodigy desiring father, via forced prodigy methods, calculated, via ratio IQ test methods, that his five-year old son, Adragon de Mello, in 1981, has an IQ of 400, then gets him, via high-pressure forced schooling, to graduate from college (BS computational mathematics, 1987, University of California at Santa Cruz, QS World Ranking: 276 of top 1000 schools (Ѻ)), at age 11, setting a new world record (see: youngest college graduates), are we to conclude that Adragon de Mello, with his BS computational mathematics degree, with mediocre grades, from a low-ranked school, is TWICE as smart at Newton, who peer-genius meta-analysis Cox-Buzan IQ is 193? Certainly, not. This is what is called reality check. Does said purported to be genius’ intellectual accomplishments match up with the real world? The difference between the two, a real IQ and a feigned IQ is the difference between gold and fool’s gold or a diamond and fake diamond; in many cases, only the finest jewelers can tell the difference.

The following are related quotes:

Libb Thims, whose real IQ I estimate at 200, is an American electrochemical engineer, and one of the ten most intelligent humans currently reacting on this planet. His primary website, the Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics, is widely considered the greatest intellectual achievement on the Internet. The EoHT Forum discusses topics spanning from morality to ‘life’ and ‘death’, and from literature and art to the many fields of science. Reading through the threads on the forum will probably yield an increase in the reader’s IQ.”
Inderjit Singh (2015), “Knowledge is Power” (Ѻ), Oct 3

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N1. The "real IQs" for the top 500 geniuses, as are shown in the left column (next to each genius), as compared to all known estimated or calculated IQs, shown in third column.

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