Sexual temperature

Sexual temperature ns
Graph shows results of study done by American psychologist Patrick Markey, indicating that both "cold personality" (and dominant) women and "hot personality" (warm and agreeable) women tend to have more sexual partners than those on the neutral range of sexual temperature. [1]
In science, sexual temperature is the temperature aspects of a person that on average tend to elicit sexual response behaviors in the opposite gender.

Human thermodynamics
In human thermodynamics, the issue of theorizing as to how one quantifies measures sexual temperature, in SI units on the Kelvin temperature scale, just as a thermometer is a thermodynamic instrument that measures temperatures of bodies, is a very elusive subject (human thermodynamic instrument).

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Further reading
‚óŹ Thims, Libb. (2010). “Hot Sex, Cold Sex, Ambient Sex”, Journal of Human Thermodynamics, 6: 47-58.

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