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Muse (the 2nd Law)
The 6 Jun 2012 trailer for English alternative rock band Muse's new album The 2nd Law, themed around the second law of thermodynamics applied to the human sphere of activity, particularly in regards to natural resources. [1]
In music thermodynamics, The 2nd Law is a 2012 album by the English alternative rock band Muse, scheduled for release on 17 Sep 2012, themed on a mixture of dub step, apocalypse, social revolution, possibly the fall of civilization (see: rise and fall of civilizations), the second law of thermodynamics (dispersion version), the premise of unsustainable continuous economic growth (see: sustainability), fossil fuel shortage, gas at 66 dollars per gallon, among other themes. The tagline intro thermodynamics-based news feed message that is shown in the trailer is as follows: [1]

“All natural and technological processes proceed in such a way that the availability of the remaining energy decreases. In all energy exchanges if no energy enters or leaves an isolated system the entropy of that system increases. Energy continuously flows from being concentrated to being dispersed, spread out, wasted, and useless. New energy cannot be created and hybrid energy is being destroyed. An economy based on endless growth is unsustainable.”

The trailer for the album was released on 6 Jun 2012, showing a mock news caster discussing entropy and the economy, and quickly drew in over 1.5 million views and interestingly drumming up discussion on the implications of the laws of thermodynamics in the economic system.

The version of the second law promoted in the video, to note, in large part, is that of the views of American organic chemist Frank Lambert, who in the first decade of 2000s has been on a crusade to get the motto entropy = energy dispersion—which is hardly the sense in which entropy was originally defined by German physicist Rudolf Clausius as entropy = transformation content—into the minds of American chemistry students, supposedly getting some 25+ chemistry textbook authors to change to his viewpoint, even though Lambert notably did so poorly in his undergraduate thermodynamics classes that he was forced to change majors from physical chemistry to organic chemistry.

The field of sustainability thermodynamics, however, is a relatively new field of research.

Whatever the case, the video is interesting, especially since it is working to stir up debate on the reality of existence within the confines of the first and second law of thermodynamics.

The 2nd Law Tour
The band has concerts scheduled in 25 different cities in 20 different countries from 16 October to 18 December 2012. [2]

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