In existographies, theists, as compared to atheists (or atheist), are individuals who have identified as people who have belief in the existence of god and argue that god exists; some noted theists, famous theists, and or creationism scientists ranked by idiocy; along with theism-related individuals are listed in the adjacent drop menu.

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The following are noted “theists” (plural) related quotes:

“I shall quite briefly mention here the notorious atheism of science. The theists reproach it for this again and again. Unjustly. A personal god cannot be encountered in a world picture that becomes accessible only at the price that everything personal is excluded from it. We know that whenever god is experienced, it is an experience exactly as real as a direct sense impression, as real as one’s own personality. As such he must be missing from the space-time picture. ‘I do not meet with god in space and time’, so says the honest scientific thinker, and for that reason he is reproached by those in whose catechism it is nevertheless stated: ‘god is spirit’.”
Erwin Schrodinger (c.1954), Nature and the Greeks [1]

“Actually, it’s theists who believe in nothing, quite fervently.”
— Paul Myers (2008)

“The universe somehow ‘works’ and all our beliefs concerning ultimate purpose are little more than biological blunders. Theists are inclined to view the universe as a grand and beautifully designed machine. Atheists, on the other hand, are disposed to see it as a chaotic mess.”
Bo Jinn (2013), Illogical Atheism [2]

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