Woo woo physics

Woo woo physics
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In science, woo woo physics, aka “quantum woo woo”, generally, is the term used by Michael Shermer (2010) in reference to the new age quantum physics stylized ideas of Deepak Chopra, generally meant to convey the first "woo" reaction to the perceived "magic" effect that the show performer impresses onto the audience. [1]

Woo salad
The terms “woo salad” and “woo woo salad”, oft seen in recent (c.2019) pop culture dialogue (Ѻ), are a combination of Michael Shermer’s 2010 “woo woo” term and Sam Harris’ oft-employed phrase “word salad” (c.2015), both of which imbibing the notion that someone is playing a Sokal affair with words on someone else; both of which tend to trace to Deepak Chopra's quantum spirituality theories.

The following are related quotes:

Thims’ thermodynamic proof that good always triumphs over evil to be nothing but “calculus coated woo, hidden behind a smokescreen of rhetorical mathematics.”
Ryan Grannell (2011), comment (Ѻ) on Libb Thims’ “Thermodynamic Proof that Good Always Triumphs Over Evil”

1. Review: Sam Harris and Michael Shermer vs Deepak Chopra (2010) (Ѻ)

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