In terminology, wrong, as compared to right, is []

The following shows the appeal to nature model of coupled natural ethics:

Good vs Evil (coupling)

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“Red skies at night, sailor’s delight; red skies in the morn, sailors take warn.”
— Anon (c.1000), cited by Shakespeare among others as a useful truism, within limits (Ѻ)

“You wrong me and the book. The principle illustrated in the book is true and not immoral. But you must regard it from a broader point of view and understand that the conventional moral norms can turn into sheer immorality when applied to situations of this character.”
Johann Goethe (1809), “best book” incident, late Dec

“They cut the man into two parts, soul and body, the philosopher took one, and another naturalist, they both have worked, studied on their behalf have lost sight and we find ourselves today in the presence of a duality, convenient perhaps, but unwise, in that it overlooked the man to deal with only two elements that constitute it. But in doing so we run the risk of being wrong. If one wanted to know the chemical properties of water  H_2 0 \,, seek it in those of oxygen O_2 \, and hydrogen  H_2 \,? No, because he knows that there is little relationship between the characteristics of a substance and those of simple bodies which enter into its composition. To study humans, it is perhaps even more reserve, his corpse is certainly different from his living, his soul is a being whose morality tells us in existence, but whose philosophy can boast of acquire specific knowledge, since it can be studied in a free state, the revelation can only speak in this regard. But what science and philosophy can and should perhaps only study, is a man indivisible and tangible for us, where the angel and the beast are inseparable, which has a body and ailments, but also passions and faculties, such as intelligence, memory and reason.”
Francois Massieu (c.1869)

“Before Clausius, truth and error were in a confusing state of mixture, and wrong answers were confidently urged by the highest authorities.”
Willard Gibbs (1889), “Rudolf Julius Emanuel Clausius” [1]

“Who can be trusted to tell me whether my technical terms are all wrong?”
Henry Adams (1909), said to brother Brooks, while looking for reviewer for “The Rule of Phase Applied to History”

“I was a high school science teacher for 15 years. I had become a Christian at age 16, and right away ran into the conflict between what I was taught in my science textbook and what I'm reading in the Bible, so I knew somebody was wrong.”
— Kent Hoven (2000), Coast-to-Coast AM interview, Aug 2 (Ѻ)

“The chiral lad says, ‘Though I do fancy her, / I can't bind; she the wrong enantiomer’."
Mala Radhakrishnan (2013), Atomic Romances tweet, four re-tweets, to stars (top 5 tweet), Apr 9

“South of the equator, e.g. Australia, it’s ‘right’—legislated by law—to drive on the left-hand side of the road; north of the equator, e.g. New York, it’s ‘wrong’—legislated by law—to drive on the left-hand side of the road.”
Libb Thims (2015), Crocodile Dundee morality model, Jul 27

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(b) Garrison, Fielding H. (1909). “Josiah Willard Gibbs and his Relation to Modern Science, Parts I-IV” (pdf) (§1: 475), Popular Science Monthly, Part I: 74(27):470-84, May; Part II: 74:551-61, Jun; Part III: 75:41-48, Jul; Part IV: 75:191-203, Aug.

Further reading
● Lewis, C.S. (1942). “Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe”, in: Mere Christianity. Publisher.

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● What’s wrong with star dust oppressing star dust? (2012) | Riptime @ 2:21 (Ѻ)

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