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Hmolpedia, as of Sep 2020, is in the process of migrating from this WetPaint / WikiFoundry wiki platform to a MediaWiki platform (via two new wikis), as outlined below:

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This wiki-version of Hmolpedia is no longer active; see for the new active wiki.

Aug 2020 | Version
(, from hmol- "mol of humans" + -pedia "learning" (see: etymology), is an A to Z Encyclopedia of Human Thermodynamics, Human Chemistry, and Human Physics, generally, or human chemical thermodynamics, specifically, and connected subjects, such as: two-cultures namesakes, religio-mythology, explicit atheism, and queries, such as: “what's the go o' that?” (Maxwell, 1834), “what is the point of everything?” (Thims, 1987), or what is the paradigm change (Goethe, 1809) significance of the following human chemical reaction?

Charlotte=Edward [AB] + Captain [C]Arrow two-way (delta)Edward≡Captain [BC] + Charlotte [A]

Hmolpedia, in short, is a one nature / monism (e.g. socio-physical monism) focused, two cultures / dualism (e.g. Cartesian dualism) integrating, recondite, thermodynamics-based, modern Faustian-view (see: top 1000 geniuses), putting student Humpty Dumpties back together again, work-in-progress, online (and 10+ volume print set) prolegomenon niche-pedia (see: reviews) of 5,300+ articles, sung by: TweetsTwitter bird 21x17(Ѻ)(Ѻ)(Ѻ), RedditsReddit flavicon(Ѻ)(Ѻ)(Ѻ), videos YouTube 40x17(Ѻ)(Ѻ), Google Books (Ѻ) / Scholar (Ѻ) citations, poems (Ѻ), and interviews. [N1]

N1. (a) For more site overview | see archived homepage versions: May 2019, Nov 2016, and Jul 2013.
(b) For better searching | the Hmolpedia "search this cite" box only partially works; the best way to see if an article exists is to Google search with the keys “term” and “”, e.g. “Tom Stoppard,” yields this; alternatively, go to the A article, and replace the A with desired term (separated by the “+” sign if more than one word), e.g. this.